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ABC Ltd. Malawi > History

ABC Ltd is a multi discipline company that has been operational for over 20 years offering different services and products in Construction, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and ICT through 5 local subsidiaries.

Look at the great milestones we have covered.



The Genesis of ABC

ABC starts as a sole trader under the name AGLA Building Contractors offering services to family and friends with a few commercial projects done with clients like PUMA Energy; by then known as OILCOM.



Growth and Expansion

AGLA Building Contractors is steadily making progress, winning great trust from different clients. We start to diversify through another portfolio called Anix General Suppliers to complement AGLA Building Contractors services.



Opening Our First Official Branch Office

We open our first official office in Blantyre and continue expanding our vision for the future. Meanwhile, partnership with Anix General Suppliers is slowly strengthening and starting to bear fruits.



Expansion and Transformations

ANIX Group; a parent company to 4 subsidiaries (Anix Technologies, Anix Engineering, Anix Homes and Anix General Suppliers) buys in and takes over control of AGLA Building Contractors. A strategic move to match the needed capacity for AGLA's projects and research needs.



Investor Relations Strengthened

Anix Group offers franchise and partnership opportunities which result up in buying into 2 other strategic companies (NN&R Engineering a multi discipline engineering company with strong portfolio in electrical and renewable energy sources and another company Sagar Distributors a company with international trade expertise).



Rebranding and Restructuring

ANIX Group rebrands and restructures to ANIX BUSINESS CORPORATION Ltd (ABC Ltd) boasting 5 reputable companies and brands with interests in Construction, ICT, Supply Chain and Manufacturing.



Accelerating the Vision

ABC Ltd operating on full throttle through subsidiaries ; Anix Engineering Ltd, Anix Technologies Ltd, Anix Homes Ltd, NN&R Engineering Ltd, AGLA Building Contractors Ltd and Sagar Distributors Ltd with 4 international strategic and financing partners in India, Brazil and China.



Innovation Unleashed

ABC Ltd now with a strong client portfolio and a multitude of experience in different projects and disciplines and having invested through 500,000 USD, unveils Malawi's first locally developed low cost building system called the ANIX Building System (ABS) with plans to make a public release of the solution by 2020 for free to use for anyone.