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Our Process x

  • Contract Award
  • Systematic Assignment
  • Monitoring
  • Revision
  • Repeat and Re Innovate.
It all starts when a contract is awarded either directly to ABC Ltd or any of our subsidiaries. No matter how big or small, ABC Ltd's aim is to deliver not just as a contractor but your development partner. Any project or requirement that our client might have is taken as our mission agenda to help them deliver exactly or beyond their intentions towards them achieving their success.
Depending on the requirements of the project awarded, ABC Ltd's internal process allows us to systematically assign different tasks be it supplying of materials for a mega project which is handled solely by Sagar Distributors leaving our construction giants AGLA and NN&R to focus on the project at hand. The same principle applies to non construction related project. What ABC Ltd does is to give you the power and capacity of a business conglomerate with the agility and flexibility of a sole trader, maximising our effectiveness in the most efficient manner.
All projects, both big and small are closely monitored by ABC Ltd with a strict review and follow up policy. This ensures uniformity and best performance from all our subsidiaries.
When we execute a project, we don't just do it for the sake of business and gaining profits. Every business executed under ABC Ltd is treated as a key project for the success of our clients goals but we also collect numerous data for our Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These help us review our pricing structure to offer more affordable service while also maintaining our intended turnover. This data is also key to our research and development centres at Anix Engineering, Anix Homes and Anix Technologies for the continued development and improvement of the Anix Building System (ABS).
After a successful project execution and having had benefitted with all the data and experience gained, we go back to the drawing board bigger, better and faster to apply and transfer whatever lessons gained from the previous project in order to deliver even better service next time. At ABC, we do not believe in settling for something, we believe quality of service is something that needs to be infinitely worked on and improved every time. This is the ABC way.