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Want to know what and how much ABC Ltd can do for you?

Building, Civil, Electrical

ABC Ltd through AGLA Building Contractors and NN&R Engineering ; registered with NCIC in 1 Billion Category and Licensed with MERA, offers a decades worth of experience as a prime contractor in General Civil, Building and Electrical Construction works including Solar Technologies;
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Petroleum Construction Services and Engineering Services

We offer various Construction and Mechanical engineering services through AGLA Building Contractors that are tailor made for the requirements of the petroleum industry with a strict adherence to MERA standards.
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Supply Chain

ABC Ltd through Sagar Distributor Pvt Ltd has interests in international trade holding assets in India and China. We have partnered with 4 industry partners in China, India and Brasil offering us access to unparalleled technical know how and access to patented methods that have fueled our innovation driven business approach. Our international relations also offer us a price advantage by offering the best prices for the best products making us one of the most sophisticated Supply Chain Experts.

Real Estate

As part of ABC Ltd’s investment portfolio, we offer renovation and home redesign inclusive of construction services transforming “old houses” into “modern homes”. ABC Ltd through Anix Engineering Pvt Ltd has invested in a research and development and manufacturing facilities in Lilongwe, offering innovative engineering solutions that have reduced the cost of building modern homes with 35% and reduction in use of wood by up-to 65%.
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Precast Concrete Products

ABC Ltd through Anix Engineering Pvt Ltd has invested in a precast concrete portfolio offering both pre and post tension re-enforced concrete products, concrete blocks, and other patented precast elements that are used for our low cost home building solutions.

Why Choose Us x

Professional Staff

ABC Ltd through its 9 industry partners offers a competitive arsenal of professionalism and leadership that allows us to handle numerous types of projects both big and small.

On Time Completion

ABC Ltd understands the importance of adhering to timelines to avoid unnecessary inconveniences, hence upon partnering with us, we activate all our child companies with the help of innovative ICT management systems to ensure projects are executed at the earliest possible time.


ABC Ltd has over a decade of experience trading through 5 local sister companies and 4 international partners to offer truly world class service.

No Hidden Cost

ABC Ltd’s aim is to offer a complete turn key solution in the most effective and efficient manner hence you can be assured they will be no hidden costs or deviations from our estimates when you choose to work with us.

Detailed Estimate

A decade of trading locally and internationally with supply chain partners in India, China and Brazil has improved our accuracy in estimating for projects complimented with our qualified Procurement Specialist and Quantity Surveyors.

Zero Complaints

ABC Ltd has a strong policy on ownership of projects. We take your investment plans and become your development partner making sure we put the same effort and time as if it is our own money being invested.

Recent Works x

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Our Vision

To be a dominant player and turnkey development partner in the area of  Construction, Manufacturing , ICT and Supply Chain.

Our Mission

To provide a level of service that will exceed the expectations of our clients, maintain the highest level of quality across all our industries for the success of our clients. WE ARE YOUR DEVELOPMENT PARTNER.

Our Subsidiaries x

This is the Force behind the Success of all our projects across different business disciplines. Together, we are your development partner, working together, harder, faster and smarter for your success.

Anix Engineering

Innovation Driven Engineering. Anix Engineering is our engineering innovation partner offering research and development in design, construction and engineering solutions for more efficient and effective construction practices.

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NN&R Engineering.

The Construction Muscle. NN&R Engineering is the construction muscle of ABC Ltd with a strong portfolio in Mechanical, Electrical and Renewable Energy complementing our principle contractor AGLAtowards a turkey construction service offering.

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Anix Homes

Low Cost Building Solutions. Anix Homes is one of the first commercial beneficiaries of the Anix Building System (ABS) that has driven down cost of constructing houses by upto 40% developed locally by Anix Engineering Ltd and 4 other industry partners through 4 years of research and development with over 500,000 USD invested.

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Sagar Distributors.

The Supply Chain Partner. Sagar Distributors is the supply chain partner behind the success of ABC Ltd’s sophisticated but highly accuratelorganised procurement activities across multiple business disciplines. With a strong portfolio in international procurement and supply, this gives us a price advantage that is directly transferred to our clients.

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AGLA Building Contractors

The Construction Partner. AGLA Building Contractors, principle contractor in ABC Ltd together with our construction muscle NN&R Engineering boasts a decades long experience in Building, Civil and Electrical registered with NCIC in 1 Billion category and licensed with MERA.

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Anix Technologies

The Innovation Hub. Anix Technologies offers ICT support services to select few high profile clients with Apple support being our most accomplished service. Anix Technologies was also key to our research and development centre at Anix Engineering through development of patented algorithms and big data analytics in construction data collected over a decade of hands on projects to automate the Anix Building System.

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Our Clients and Development Partners